We thought Iceland was expensive?  Try Atlantis, in the Bahamas!  My usual cup of Jo from Starbucks with a slice of banana bread rang up to $10…that usually costs $5 plus change back home.  A rip off, but it's the only coffee joint I saw on property and they can name any price really, because it pays to wake up right!  Add that along with $44 paddle board and aqua cycle rentals for 30 minutes, and $7 bottles of water in your room.  Water could of at least been complimentary don't you think?  But no…NOTHING is free at Atlantis!  It's a trap!!

But it is a well planned out resort, kids paradise, with no reason to leave the property, unless you need to get in touch with the local culture.  You just need to understand the Atlantis groove to survive.  I met a few annual regulars and hard core planners, like Disney pros who know how to do this ish.  This is their life!  Much respect to those parents who can do it all.  Like, how many umbrella drinks did they have for breakfast, or where's the hidden flask?!!  Secrets?  I got them to confess their tricks, and took notes for you.  Newbies, here's tips to tackle Atlantis like a pro with kids in tow, or if your a last minute planner like me!


- Make dinner reservations, when you book your room.  It is not all burgers and fried junk food on premises.  They actually have some nice restaurants where you can eat good food such as Nobu. Quality Japanese food.  But folks book way in advance, and we weren't able to reserve a table upon arrival.  But note they have free seating for walk in's at the bar.  We went at 5:30pm when they opened their doors, scored a table with no wait, and got to experience the delectable omakase dinner.

- Dolphin activities are plentiful.  But everything was sold out by the time we arrived.  Zero time slots!  If it is high on your list to interact with marine life book it way in advance.

- Buy a waterproof lanyard phone case such as this.  It comes in handy to store your phone, and room key which acts as your credit card to keep your belongings safe and on you if you plan on going on the water slides.  They sell them at the kiosks scattered all over Atlantis for $20+, but you can probably get a better deal on Amazon.


- First thing after your given your room key, find a towel hut and get your wrist bands.  This gives you entry into the water park, and allows you access to all the water slides.

- The pools open at 9am.  By then all the loungers are occupied…and there are a gazillion loungers!  I suggest you go grab a seat before 8:30am, on your way to breakfast.  Leave a shirt or something that won't fly away, but nothing valuable, to claim it as yours.  You won't necessarily be lounging much through out the day, but it is more of a spot to drop your towel and clothes while you run around the water park.

- Water slides open at 10am.  If you need a float for your slide, that also only becomes available a few minutes before 10am.  The double floats are the hardest to score, so if you want one go grab it early before the masses arrive.

- The Serpent Slide is probably the most popular of all.  It is the slide that goes through a glass tube, inside a shark tank.  The lines get super long throughout the day.  Best you do this first thing in the morning.  Start lining up a little before 10am.  At 10am sharp my boys were only a few steps up, because God knows what time the real enthusiasts began lining up!  But by 10:07am they were back down telling me how fun it was.  Not that long of the wait, and I could watch them float through the tank!  I did it the second time with them, and can vouch it is a cool experience.  A must do.

- Renting kayaks, paddleboards, catching a movie at their movie theatre, and going to the arcade after dinner is also fun for the kids.  Luckily they do not require any pre-booking.

This Mama generally doesn't deal well with Disneyland - ish type vacations.  But this was my kids two night comp package for working so hard in Iceland!  They deserved a treat.  So I sucked it up, handed them the water park resort map at check in, and let them lead the way for the duration of our stay.  First day was getting acclimated and learning the Atlantis way, but by day 2 we knew the drill and it was smooth sailing.  Proud to say we accomplished all the slides during our stay.  I admit I actually had a GREAT time!  I can't believe it either!!  HA.  Money well spent, because the secret to sanity is happy kids equal happy Mama.

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