ATLANTA, GA: December, 2017

Happy 2K18! Partied out? 'Tis the season to recuperate now. I couldn't wait and took a mental break mid holidays for a few days. Escaped to Atlanta, to get some breathing space! Self love! Why Atlanta? Because there is so much street art to feast on, along with enough BBQ and taco trucks to fill my belly. It was a perfect trip to nourish my soul. If your ever in Atlanta, cruise and hit these sweet spots.


Not as much street art as Philly, but seemed more then NYC. Definitely a chock-a-block full of eye candy you'll find. Couldn't stop to take photos of everything, with out cheesing off drivers behind me! But here are a few of my faves and locations if you want to hunt them down. If you want more do the Outerspace mural map tour at your own pace. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Artist: Greg Mike
πŸ“76 4th Street NW

Artist: Jerkface
πŸ“1079 Euclid Avenue NE

Artist: YoYo Ferro
πŸ“649 Reed Street SE

Artist: 3TTMAN
πŸ“Fraser Street SE / Georgia Avenue SE

Artist: Big Teeff
πŸ“Spot for Dogs - 750 Ponce De Leon Place NE

Artist: YoYo Ferro
πŸ“1438 GA - 9


Heirloom Market BBQ:
πŸ“2243 Akers Mill Road

Tried a few BBQ spots. But this one won! Maybe because it was a tad different then the regular BBQ I'm use too. Heirloom Market is Korean inspired Southern 'cue, with traditional or Korean sides, such as kimchi. It was worth the wait!

Home Grown:
πŸ“968 Memorial Drive SE

This is THE breakfast spot! Diner setting where chicken, biscuits and gravy are a must.

πŸ“1927 Peachtree Road NE

A food truck turned restaurant now! Thats how successful they were on the road!! Another fusion Mexican Asian inspired taco and rice bowl menu. It's the sauces that make a difference, and the siracha queso with a kick. Try it with fries!

πŸ“Food truck locations change daily. Check their website:

First time for everything! Soul food Mexican fusion. The collard greens quesadilla was yummy. Que pasa y'all? Their slogan cracks me up! Had to get a t-shirt with it printed on to remember.

πŸ“W Atlanta Midtown - 188 14th Street NE

Stayed at the W hotel midtown. The neighborhood was ok. Close to everywhere I was driving too. However a little too quiet for me though. I think I would've preferred to stay around Little Five Points area. That hood felt like the village in NYC. Eclectic, walkable, and interesting. But otherwise the W hotel was dog friendly, clean, decent service, and I've got no complaints.

πŸ“Bliss Spa - 188 14th Street NE

Treat yo' self. There was a Bliss spa in my hotel. It was screaming my name! So I got a 100 minute deep tissue massage. Prices are cheaper then NYC, and service was just as good. Book it!

What else is there to do in Atlanta? Quite a bit actually! It is becoming one of those buzz artsy city's with an emergence of Hollywood flair, big on the music scene. Yes I must do more research next time if I have more days to spare. Otherwise fill me in…and I'm not interested in the aquarium unless the kiddos are with me! HA.

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