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A Bohemian spirited Mama of two wild monkeys - BOYS!  Work and play in NYC, nest in the burbs and fortunate to be able to travel the world often to escape.

i SPY CANDY everywhere - Art// Design// Interior// Fashion// Food// Motherhood// Nature// New York// Photography// Travel.  The list is endless!

I'm a Travel Junkie who loves to travel solo, or with kids in tow, and even our pup Eddy gets to tag along occasionally.  They're troopers and been traveling the world since they were babies so we are well seasoned.  We enjoy the adventure and keep it exciting by making it a point to travel somewhere new every summer for my birthday.  

My background is in Fashion Design.  I'm a Fashionista at heart and known for having well dressed accessories - my boys and dog!  Since having babies I've managed to keep my toes wet in the Fashion industry by freelancing.  But the corporate world can kill your mojo, and I feel the need to have a creative outlet for my diverse interests which is how the i SPY CANDY blog was born.  Ta-da!

Follow me living my daily adventure a.k.a LIFE and the candy I stumble upon along my path.  Simply here as your muse to inspire you through my personal encounters to discover, explore, and live a rich life.

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Stay tuned as… i SPY CANDY!


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