I SPY: NV - AZ - UT Road Trip

Jun 17, 2018

ARIZONA + UTAH: May 2018

What's worth two thousand four hundred twelve minutes and two hundred sixty eight miles?  Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend!  What I thought only existed on a screensaver, is for real guys.  It's a bucket list experience.  Much like our epic trip in 2017 to Iceland was.

Do not let the 4+ hour drive turn you off.  It's a pretty drive surrounded by red rock.  Logistically it's also not as complicated as I thought.  The places we visited were all in the vicinity of Page, Arizona.  We flew into Vegas, drove to Page, and then flew back home from Phoenix, Arizona.  Vegas and Phoenix are about the same distance from Page, but I planned our drive that way so we saw different terrain instead of back tracking.

Take note we are lazy travelers, not over achievers, and I don't have the energy to push my kids to be out and about all day.  So we accomplished one activity a day, that really only lasts a couple of hours, and the rest of our time was chilling by the pool.  BUT what we did in three days you could actually do in one day!  There are tour buses leaving from Vegas that do the whole package in less then 24 hours.  Option if your pressed for time.  Although I wouldn't recommend making this a rush trip.  It's too beautiful to not have the time to soak it in and savor.


Day 1:
- Drive 4.5 hours Las Vegas, NV to Page, AZ
- Stop at halfway point in St George for lunch
- Sunset at Horseshoe Bend

Day 2:
- Upper Antelope Canyon.  Tours must be reserved ahead.  Nobody is allowed in without a permit, so you must have a guide escort you in.  We booked our tour with AACPT Reserve. Small groups, knowledgable guides, who also teach you how to take the best pics with your phone or camera!

Day 3:
- Lake Powell.  Hike, swim, rent a boat, paddle board, kayak, picnic.  Endless activities to do.

Day 4:
- Chilled at Amangiri resort the whole day.  You pay the price for that luxury, you better sit back and enjoy every penny!  HA.  This is not open to the public.  We were guests so had full access.  But if you don't stay there, maybe you can get in by booking a spa appointment, or reserving a table for a meal?  Worth the try!

Day 5:
- Drove 4.5 hours straight to Phoenix, AZ to catch our flight home.  Got our In-N-Out burger fix along the way.  Somewhere close to the airport!


There are a variety of low budget options, ranging from motels to mid range, and only one super luxe resort near by that nothing else can compare to…the Amangiri.

Run by the Marriott.  We stayed here for the majority of our trip. Great location, close to all the sights.  Pool and hot tub.  Basic but clean, and friendly staff.

Super luxe, super expensive, and super gorgeous!  If you want to experience what it's like to be a Kardashian then stay here!  Surrounded by 600 acres, with amazing views from every window, impeccable service, all inclusive, great food, drinks, and a pool like no other.  Kids really had no business staying here, and I don't recommend it for young kids!  But we were only here one night. It was heaven.


- If you have more time to explore the area, check out Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion National Park and Sedona, where I went in 2015 and got buttered up for five days!
- Bring a real camera to take quality photos.  I regret not doing so.
- If you have a drone and selfie stick, pack that too.  The one time I wish I had those two gadgets, even though I refuse to purchase them, because I think they're so annoying when I see others using them!
- A hat and bandana are useful when down in the slot canyon.  Dust is falling, and I came out with red dust all over, and a cough that lasted for days.
- Sunblock and water on you at all times…duh!
- An old school watch.  Page, AZ is located so close to the Utah boarder that when driving around and visiting the sights you will suddenly gain an hour or loose an hour, and it got me totally confused because I was going by the time on my phone, which was automatically switching back and forth.  But really everyone in that area is set on Arizona time no matter where they are situated.  It would of been handy to have a watch set to Arizona time to follow to avoid the confusion.
- Weather in May was perfect.  Warm during the day, and in morning and night dropped to 60's.  But I've heard in summer it gets unbearably hot, and in winter can get extremely cold.  Check the weather before you go and dress accordingly knowing that you will be outdoors a lot.

Sold?  This is America!!!  We travel often.  Guilty to say not in America.  But see what I missed?  Taught me not to be a snob about my own country!  More travels to come this summer 2018.  Stay tuned to she.is.never.home on Instagram, where I post regularly on the road.  Or else wait for the full low down when I return in Fall.

Happy Summer everyone! xox
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