I SPY: Fifty Shades Of Green

Feb 1, 2018

Your expecting a travel update aren't you?  I don't have one!  Believe it or not I've been home, buried in snow, the deep freeze, sudden spurts of 50F degree weather, and the flu virus circling around me for the last month.  But today was the real poison on the cake…I found out I am a victim of identity theft!  WTF?!?

Popped into the bank today to withdraw money from the ATM, inserted my card into the machine, and the message said card not valid.  Strange.  Walked over to the teller, she pulled up my account and found out it has been deactivated.  Hmmm???

After further investigation of why and how my account got frozen, I found out a lady had walked into a bank attempting to withdraw $5000 from my account with a out of state drivers license that matched my personal info, a Discover card in my name, and knew my Social Security number.  Holy Sh*t!  Hearing a 5'0 ft, Hispanic woman, with long brown hair is walking around as me, has me feeling fifty shades of green.  Thankfully the teller picked up on a bad vibe, this crook was unsuccessful, and they were all fake cards.  But still…she has my SSN. Not good.

A police report has been filed, credit bureaus have been contacted, and I have signed up for LifeLock.  Heard of them?  Look into it and consider signing up.  There is a monthly fee to get alerts for any accounts being opened with your SSN, along with monthly credit reports and other safety nets.  There is so much fraud happening these days, mainly on the dark web, which is inevitable, and you never think it will happen to you, but when it does your screwed!  Crazy thing is this just also happened to my sitters son and father.  Please protect yourself, and be diligent about shredding your bills and paperwork.  Especially during tax season.

Goodnight xx

PS. Next month…a post from blue skies, palm trees, and calmer waters!

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