I SPY: Back To School

Sep 5, 2017

Hello there!  How was your summer?  We were all over the world!  Kids got punked in Singapore.  I turned 40 in Bali.  We all had such a fun time being completely off schedule that back to school crept up on us. We weren't ready.  At 8pm last night I was standing in line at Target getting a lunch bag for that cool lil' kid with the bleached mohawk.  His image would've been burned if he had to start first day of school carrying his lunch in a plastic bag!  God forbid.  But anyhow we made it off to 8th and 3rd grade smoothly this morning, how about you?

In all the chaos I did remember to take their annual back to school photos though, how about that?!!  That shirt doesn't even look oversized on my 8th grader anymore does it?  How in the world I already have a teenager taller then me beats me!  To add to the melting pot, in five years he is off to college…2022.  Holy crap!

In a blink of an eye things have changed.  Parenting too.  It's become more mentally challenging then physically.  Bed time is no longer at 7:30pm.  Life is revolving around their sports activities.  Homework is taking longer then the usual hour.  So all the quiet time I use to have at night…GONE.  It's a struggle.

Thus I need to shuffle things around to find ME time.  First hit the blog.  I am not quitting the blog, I am refining it!  I decided over the summer that since the main interest of this blogs audience is in our travels, I will turn i Spy Candy into solely a travel blog.  Yes I can do that, because we do travel that much for projects I've been assigned to and pleasure!!  So every last day of the month get excited to be inspired, feast your eyes, and learn about a new destination.

For those of you upset over the lost of new eats and what's happening in NYC, don't be.  That's what Instagram is for!  I now defer you to @she.is.never.home because it is precisely what my username states.  Always on the go, always playing tourist in my own city, and will never stop eating because it's my favorite hobby!  A picture tells a thousand words, and Instagrams curated platform does a fine job of that.  If you need more deets please hit me up.  That's what the comment box is for!

I look forward to continuing our daily relationship on Instagram @she.is.never.home.  Plus remember to tune into the travel blog www.ispycandy.com every last day of the month.  Up next on September 30…I SPY: Austin.

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