I SPY: Pray For Cleveland

Jun 7, 2017

Who are you rooting to win the NBA finals?  It's a split vote in this house.  My big guy is a Cavaliers fan and my lil' guy is a Stephen Curry, Warriors fan all the way.  I haven't betted on any game yet, because I honestly would of loved to see the Celtics make it to the finals for a change.  But Game 3 tonight and I'm itching to bet on this guy.

Probability low?  But I'm feeling it!  I believe King James is cheesed off enough from the last two games and he's ready to show who's boss again!  But it's a team sport and Kyrie Irving needs to step up his game too.  You think they can do it?  They're playing at home in Cleveland tonight, it's business, so they got to keep us on our toes, and how boring would that be if Warriors won again three in a row? So money down on Cavaliers tonight.  Who wants to add to the pot?  Pray for Cleveland.  Lets go Cavs!

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