Jun 2, 2017

Ever tried the bagels in Montreal?  I was told I must try when there because they're unique.  Boiled in honey water first, larger hole, flatter, and baked in a wood fire oven.  Makes a difference.  YUM.  Brought home a dozen for the fam to try, and within three days GONE.  Story of my life, living with two growing boys, who are forever hungry, and a empty pantry!  But I found a replenishment source close to home.

Black Seed Bagels - been there?  It's a slice of MTL (Montreal) in NYC.  Friends told me about it in my moment of despair…and obviously I had to try!  Legit - we now know where to go for our Montreal carb workout, and a great B.E.C (bacon, egg & cheese).  Now how about a Mont Royal close by to hike?  Tell me!  I'm craving it.

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