I SPY: Young Love

May 15, 2017

How was your Mother's Day?  I got no complaints.  Ate too much, spent too much, and betted too much!  But all worth an awesome time at the Yankees vs. Astros baseball game + Derek Jeter retirement ceremony.

My birth town whipped my home towns ass last night, but Derek Jeter's retirement jersey ceremony was worth everything.  Too see him on the field again, surrounded by a sea of #2 jerseys in the crowd, and to watch the replay of his history made me emo.  Brought back so many great memories.

Fun fact:  20 years ago I moved to NYC, caught him on TV, asked who he was, and only then started watching baseball!  Was so obsessed with him I even slept in his pink jersey for years.  Young love!  HA.

My pink jersey ripped when I was pregnant, he has hung up his jersey…but I just bought a new #2 T-shirt to sleep in!  The love continues!!  If your also a fan, get your Jeter jersey or paraphernalia here before they're long gone.  RE2PECT, thank you Captain!

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