I SPY: When In Queens

May 4, 2017

How many times have I said the best ethnic food is in Queens?  MANY.  But it is always Asian or Spanish food.  Last week our Greek friends took us out for the best Greek food I've ever had - minus when in Greece in 2006.

Look at our big fat Greek lunch!  I'm not going to lie…I was full for days!  So good, and definitely a return trip needed.  Obviously many others agree, because there was a long line, and I'm told always one any time of day.  Worth the half hour wait though.

When in Queens put Taverna Kyclades on your list!  If you have room after, grab sweet treats at the cafe across the street, along with their Greek ice coffee.

Looks like Turkish pastries, doesn't it?  But don't argue with a Greek…it's Greek pastries!  HA.  If that still doesn't put you in food coma then head over to Titan grocery store to stock up on Greek snacks to bring home. Fresh feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves, olive oil, sausages, spanakopita, taramasalata and more.

Friends that eat together, stay together!  Thanks to them for the Greek intro tour in Astoria.  I'm telling you, we got it all in NYC!  Although I think we need to make a re-visit back to Greece soon.

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