I SPY: Tastes Like Iceland

May 2, 2017

Once upon a time my fridge was stocked with bottles of baby milk, how about yours?  You may still be in that state, but trust me that soon flies by…and then they get replaced by wine, or in my case yoghurt!

Have you tried Siggi's yoghurt before?  I swear it tastes like Iceland!  DUH.  Read the label after trying it for the first time in Starbucks, and to my surprise it is Skyr yoghurt.  This is the yoghurt the kids and I got addicted to while in Iceland.

The story goes...Siggi Hillmarsson moved to NYC from Iceland and was missing his homelands yoghurt.  His mother sent him a skyr recipe which he used to start making his own yoghurt at home.  That evolved into a creation of his own brand Siggi's, using skyr yoghurt.  Now it's produced on a farm in Upstate New York and Wisconsin.

I understand now that skyr is not only a brand, but it is a type of yoghurt created in Iceland.   A recipe for skyr yoghurt is on their website if you wish to give it a go.  I'm happy to skip the homemade process, and just buy it from the supermarket!  LAZY.  I've found it in Starbucks, Target, Wholefoods and our local Stop N' Shop.  Available in all shapes and sizes.  I just cleaned out my grocery store of the strawberry drinkable yoghurt bottles, because my kids down a few a day, and to be honest I'm tired of spoons piling up in my sink at the end of the day!  HA.  Check the dairy aisle the next time your out grocery shopping.  You got to try Siggi's!  I love that it is not overly sweet, smooth, and creamy, but light.  Tell me if you agree.

Now, can somebody please start making Icelandic hot dogs in New York?  The kids and I have been spoilt.  A regular NY ball park hot dog just doesn't cut it no more, and it was my lil' guy who blurted that out the other day!  He knows his food.  Raising food critics here!!

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