I SPY: Posh Spice

May 11, 2017

What can you do on an hour lunch break?  Tour The Beekman.  A gorgeous new-ish downtown hotel, that opened last summer 2016.  A restored historical landmark filled with classical and contemporary details.  Had me crushing so hard I had to drag my team mate back there after we clocked out, for happy hour!

Well don't make it obvious that your snooping!  Play it cool like your there for a cup of coffee and maybe a small bite, then wander off to the ladies room and get lost in this architectural digest haven.

I can't remember the last time I've been so excited over a hotel!  HA.  It's preserved historic roots, and details from vintage tile, mill work, down to rich persian carpeting left me mesmerized.  Stepping inside will transport you into a world of art and culture, beginning with the stunning nine story atrium that takes your breath away.   Look at that!

It's a beauty with a beast price tag, but worth it for date night, a special occasion, or just because your feeling like Posh Spice!  If your an art and design lover, with expensive taste, you need to see this!  It's a real gem.

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