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May 18, 2017

Can you name this tune…Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum da-dum da-dum…?  Second clue, is a pink groovy cat, 16 x 20 foot giant painting by Katherine Bernhardt.

Did you guess right?  Pink Panther it is!  Positively pink, with Caribbean tropical vibes…i LOVE.

Hanging next to it, is this Keith Haring masterpiece.

Across from that is Jean - Michel Basquiat.

On the opposite wall is an artist I'm not familiar with, Nina Chanel Abney.  But I've started following her, because I love her abstraction, color palette, tribal influences and representation of race, sex, politics and linear storytelling.

Then outside in the polo fields you have a sculpture by Urs Fischer.  It is known as the Big Clay.  Artist was inspired by a form he moulded out of clay.  He blew it up to scale in aluminum, and when you look closely the sculpture includes his fingerprints enlarged.  Unique.

Ok, you get the picture…so many amazing works by the icons that influenced Manhattans pop culture scene in the 80's.  Plenty more, beyond the tasting sample I've shown.  You can find it all under one roof at Brant Foundation.  This exhibition Animal Farm curated by Sadie Laska is on till September 15, 2017.  You city FOMO dwellers need to get some fresh air and hop on the Metro North train to see this!  It is worth the trek to Greenwich, CT.

PS.  Before you go, be sure you know the guided tour times and reserve a spot.  It's free, but not open everyday, and limited to a small number per group.

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