May 17, 2017

You want soul food?  Then you got to hit the OG - Pink Tea Cup.  They've been around since 1954, serving Southern comfort before it became a hipster fad.  I remember them from my 'younger' days in their West Village location, before they closed in 2009.  Little did I know they had re-opened in Brooklyn in 2013, and now the restaurant and new owner, slash star chef Lawrence Page, is the subject of a new reality show Hustle & Soul.  Thanks to the shows hype I came to hear about their revival and had to make a trip down memory lane for Mother's Day.

Looks worth it?  Hell yeah!  Better then your Momma's greens.  But still, the winner by far is the signature dish that claims the restaurants logo.  When there, remember your there for the chicken n' waffles y'all!  Order it.  The crispy moist chicken, and airy waffles are the bomb.  Don't forget to bring the dough.  Cash only.

Pink Tea Cup
120 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
T: 347. 227.7472

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