I SPY: Le Coucou

May 26, 2017

Is it end of the month paying bills time?  In my house it is, and as I'm reviewing my credit card statement I have to chuckle because it looks like my food diary!  Yes I eat out a lot, and records show I've gone Le Coucou crazy.  Three times in one month!  I's awful.  NOT.

Love French food?  Then you must dine at this dreamy James Beard awarded restaurant.  Chef Daniel Rose has won my vote!  It's my new 'special' restaurant to bring my out of town friends, and to celebrate birthdays, when we're looking to be fancy.  The decor alone is gorgeous, and the quality of food is top.  These are my two favorite dishes.  But you really can't go wrong.  Everything is delicious…including their dangerously addictive hot and crisp pomme frites!

Leeks with Hazelnuts
Pike fish with Lobster sauce

To be honest I'm not very experienced in French cuisine.  But I'm using Le Coucou as my benchmark for how things should taste this weekend when I head to Montreal.  I've been told that I should pack elastic waist pants!  Really?  Hint, hint…it's going to be a gastronomical Memorial Day weekend!  Yikes, this summer diet ain't ever happening is it?  HA.  Tell you all about it when I return next week.  Au Revoir!

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