I SPY: Hit Or Miss

May 12, 2017

Is anything in this medicine cabinet uber special?  Super hero drugs that turn you into a unicorn, or something too hipster for me to understand?  Please enlighten me.  If not I was standing at the art fair, shaking my head, not understanding the concept behind this!

Is this art?  Saw it on display at Frieze art fair by Damien Hirst.  These are his thoughts behind the project, portraying art heals, i.e. drugs that have healing powers are stored in medicine cabinets, which then makes it art.  In that case my fridge is art too!  HA.

There were quite a few hit or miss pieces at the fair, including this one by Lee Ufan.  A scratch on a blank canvas.  What is there to admire here?  Could she elaborate any more?!!

Fine line between what is and isn't art these days.  Even my kids could of done better!  But then there were also super simple pieces of typography I liked that had catchy text, such as these marker on canvas by Karl Holmqvist.  But again...is this worth thousands of dollars?

I know my kids can do this!  My older son made something very similar for me back in 2015.  Which got me thinking that I should put my kids back to work again this Mother's Day to make me so called 'art'!  Save me a couple K, why not?!! Coming from the kids will be priceless though.  It's my babies art, that will speak to me with meaning on a different level, in a language I may only understand.  That is after all what art is right?  

Got the canvases and paint brushes ready for our forecasted rained out Mother's Day!  How about you?  What will you be up to this weekend?  Hug a Mom she'll like it!  Have a blessed and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY everyone!

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