I SPY: Go The F*ck To Sleep

May 23, 2017

Got boys?  They are hyper!  Full of energy and even at bed time are still running around like energizer bunnies.  If you've got a wild one like mine, I have a suggestion to make part of your nightly routine.

Practice yoga much?  If you do, you know the relaxing benefits.  The author of Yawning Yoga, Laurie Jordan was in our town last week giving a read a loud.  The book is a series of yoga movements that accompany a story, that calm the soul.  It works!

This boy goes in zen mode after.  Nice change, instead of me coming downstairs after tuck in to hear him singing or banging a ball against the wall, and me screaming under my breath go the f*ck to sleep, before I loose my sh*t!  You know that feeling when your DONE?  Be honest!  HA.  There's only so much patience we can humanely have in a day, and my tolerance is up to 9 o'clock before I throw the towel in and turn into a witch!  But now I'm a nicer Mama.  OHM.  Try it.

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