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May 9, 2017

Do your kids pick out their own clothes?  Mine do, and it's always sports clothes, which drives this fashionista Mama nuts!  Yes it is important that they develop their own individuality, but from time to time I got to pick a fight with them to wear my kind of 'normal' clothes, and then they joke they're walking the runway at a fashion show.  HA.  Well, unfortunately that is kind of how Frieze art fair is!

Do we look hipster enough?  HA.  Point made - it's a very artsy fartsy crowd.  But it's either hit or miss fashion, just like the art work.  It's the beginning of the week, so we will only talk good vibes though to start the week off with the right energy!  These are my picks of the litter.

First up KAWS.  You know I always love me some KAWS from previous posts.  Can never get enough of the X eyes, and Brian Donelly's color palette.

Ken Kagami is a new artist I discovered who is top of my wish list now.  He has a Snoopy and Charlie Brown series that I love.  Very tongue and cheek.  The basketball one is funny, and the number 4 is my birth date! Or the statue of Charlie + Snoopy Liberty would be perfect to add to my I heart NY collection.

Hassan Sharif has created a rainbow out of rope.  Such a great wall hanging.

Olafur Eliasson, is an artist I discovered in Iceland.  He designed the Harpa Concert Hall.  I knew it when I saw this mirror piece, because it reflects the same feel as the gorgeous building I was so mesmerized with in Reykjavik.  The lamp piece was also very interesting.  Looked like a hologram.  Even the kids were curious to see how he made the effect the pictures don't do justice of!

Alexis Peskine, had this amazing piece.  Nails, and gold leaf on wood.  Its 3D relief pin art.  Did you ever play or have one of these toys?  Reminded me of that!

Lastly we spotted a few baller classics, Miro, Warhol & Picasso. $$$$$$$$$$.  I was scared for my kids to get too close to them, in case of damage!  HA.

I loved seeing my kids engage in the art.  Yes a lot was boring for them, as well for me.  But there were a few that gained curiosity, along with some WTF's which we will cover another day!  Stay tuned...

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