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May 5, 2017

Hoping for rain?  I am secretly wanting rain this weekend, so my sons soccer game is cancelled and I'm free to go to all the art fairs happening in NYC this weekend!  Life of a soccer Mom slash FOMO dilemma is my current situation, because NYC is serving up art on a silver platter this weekend…and only this weekend!

For all the art aficionados, Frieze is back, Superfine! - The Fairest Fair, popular in Miami, is new to NYC and now in town too, along with Collective Design which I caught yesterday.

Collective Design showcases a world wide selection of 20th and 21st century design.  These are the installations and pieces I wouldn't mind having in my own home.  So many goodies, but nothing I could charge to my credit card without maxing it out!  HA.

Fernando Mastangelo Studio - Booth: B06

I thought this was all salt.  No it is glass!  WOW.

Flavor Paper & Um Project - Booth: B16

A unique collaboration between a wallpaper company and a furniture manufacturer.  Together they have designed a interactive wall covering conductive experience.  Hit a button, and watch lights come on, doors flap open, and fans turn on.  I had too much fun playing in there!

Ippodo Gallery - Booth: C03

Always love a Japanese screen.

R & Company - Booth: A14

These stools that look like a hybrid between an Alpaca and Chewbacca!

A mushroom lamp, thats construction is even more beautiful under the shade.

200 mts of cashmere covered rope you can intertwine anyway to make a comfy seat.

How cute are these monkeys with brass fittings?

Wexler Gallery - Booth: A05 

Roberto Lugo a street artist who gained his fame in graffiti and later discovered his skill in pottery, using hip hop, history and politics as his inspiration.  Would be nice to have one of his pieces to add to my collection of plates!

Nick Lenker ceramic stacks.  20k thrown on the table!

Head over to Skylight Clarkson Sq. in the Meatpacking if you wish to see this fair.  It's going to be a busy weekend!  One down, two to go!  Check back next week to see what I accomplish.  Reality is…Mommy duty is still on with or without soccer. So are the kids going to be behave or not?  You never know!  HA.

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