I SPY: Nice To Meat You

May 31, 2017

Are you back from your Memorial day getaway?  I'm home!  Montreal was great.  Got blessed with amazing summer weather the first few days, and rained out the last.  But that didn't effect the food crawl to do list!

Familiar with any of these eats?  A few are French - Canadian classics Montreal is famous for.  Nom Nom.  Very nice to MEAT you!  Details?  Lets catch up tomorrow please…because first I need to hit the gym.  Not playing!  HA.

I SPY: Le Coucou

May 26, 2017

Is it end of the month paying bills time?  In my house it is, and as I'm reviewing my credit card statement I have to chuckle because it looks like my food diary!  Yes I eat out a lot, and records show I've gone Le Coucou crazy.  Three times in one month!  I's awful.  NOT.

Love French food?  Then you must dine at this dreamy James Beard awarded restaurant.  Chef Daniel Rose has won my vote!  It's my new 'special' restaurant to bring my out of town friends, and to celebrate birthdays, when we're looking to be fancy.  The decor alone is gorgeous, and the quality of food is top.  These are my two favorite dishes.  But you really can't go wrong.  Everything is delicious…including their dangerously addictive hot and crisp pomme frites!

Leeks with Hazelnuts
Pike fish with Lobster sauce

To be honest I'm not very experienced in French cuisine.  But I'm using Le Coucou as my benchmark for how things should taste this weekend when I head to Montreal.  I've been told that I should pack elastic waist pants!  Really?  Hint, hint…it's going to be a gastronomical Memorial Day weekend!  Yikes, this summer diet ain't ever happening is it?  HA.  Tell you all about it when I return next week.  Au Revoir!

I SPY: Empire State Of Mine

May 25, 2017

Where do you hang out in the summer?  In NYC if we're not at the park, then we're probably on a rooftop.  All the way up, like 31 stories high, enjoying the views of this Empire State of mine.

Welcome to our concrete jungle!  Do you know what roof top this is?  It's new!  The Arlo NoMad hotel has recently opened, offering a new rooftop bar and lounge with a twist…a glass bottom floor.

You no longer need to go to Willis Tower's skydeck in Chicago to test your bravery.  You can now do it in our backyard.  New York's first!  Put it on your summer hit list.

Arlo NoMad
11 E. 31st Street
New York, NY 10016
T: (212) 806.7000

I SPY: A Ballerina

May 24, 2017

Rockerfeller Center known for the annual Christmas tree, ice skating, and NBC studios…but a ballerina?  Now it is!  Flocks of people since last week have been stopping traffic to see the latest balloon sculpture by Jeff Koons.

Isn't this larger then life 45 foot ballerina a beauty?  This installation is on in conjunction with National Missing Children's month this May, in an effort to raise awareness.  Therefore, it is only up till June 2, 2017.  HURRY if you want to see her!

I SPY: Go The F*ck To Sleep

May 23, 2017

Got boys?  They are hyper!  Full of energy and even at bed time are still running around like energizer bunnies.  If you've got a wild one like mine, I have a suggestion to make part of your nightly routine.

Practice yoga much?  If you do, you know the relaxing benefits.  The author of Yawning Yoga, Laurie Jordan was in our town last week giving a read a loud.  The book is a series of yoga movements that accompany a story, that calm the soul.  It works!

This boy goes in zen mode after.  Nice change, instead of me coming downstairs after tuck in to hear him singing or banging a ball against the wall, and me screaming under my breath go the f*ck to sleep, before I loose my sh*t!  You know that feeling when your DONE?  Be honest!  HA.  There's only so much patience we can humanely have in a day, and my tolerance is up to 9 o'clock before I throw the towel in and turn into a witch!  But now I'm a nicer Mama.  OHM.  Try it.

I SPY: The Golden Hour

May 22, 2017

Have you visited the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens yet?  Thanks to this girl for bringing me back for round two!  I'll easily go a third if anybody wants a personal tour guide!  HA.

You remember I raved about it before when I saw it at the opening in daylight?  It is even more gorgeous at dusk.  This time we went at prime time during the golden hour around 7:30pm.

The art takes on a different life at sunset.  If you haven't been yet and plan to go, I highly recommend you buy tickets for Chihuly Nights instead of the All Garden Pass limited just to the day.  This way you can kill two birds with one stone.  You'll get to maximize your visit, by seeing the exhibit in daylight when the park re-opens at 6:30pm, watch the sunset, and stay till after dusk to experience the spectacular transformation.  The only down is that the Mertz Library that houses a few Chihuly sculptures indoors is not open at night.  A small lost!

When you go please note that the park map they give you at the entrance does not pin point where all the Chihuly sculptures are located.  You need to follow the interactive guide on your phone, to be sure not to miss anything.  Didn't use this guide the first time I was there and realized this second time I missed a very important part!  Glad I went back so I could view this boat filled with hand blown glass balls and screens by the Rock Garden.

Absolutely love this show and setting.  Obsessed to the point where I want to plan a trip to Seattle to see his permanent collection at Chihuly Garden & Glass.  Ever been?  Heard it's amazing and you can see the Chihuly sculptures from the top of the Space Needle.  Doesn't that sound cool?  Yeah…got to see it to believe it!

I SPY: Ice Cream Wasted

May 19, 2017

When it's 90F outside, you need an ice cream?  Yes!  When you've had a long day, and Times Square goes under lock down, that makes you walk a maze in the heat to get to your train, you need a drink?  All of that happened yesterday…forcing us to make a detour, and get ice cream wasted!

Do you remember me revealing in a post what I was gifting the over 21's on my list for Christmas?  Tipsy Scoop - spiked ice cream.  It was a hit…and last week the founders opened their first NYC ice cream bar-lour.  Scooping up boozy ice cream, sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, birthday cakes to pre-order, and in case the little one's join you for a cool down, there are virgin flavors too.

Happy Fri-YAY y'all!  Any plans for when that 5' o clock whistle blows?  If not, Tipsy Scoop offers happy hour from 4pm to 6pm.  Just an FYI!  *wink*

Tipsy Scoop
217 E. 26th Street
New York, NY
T: 917. 388. 2862

I SPY: Pop Culture

May 18, 2017

Can you name this tune…Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum da-dum da-dum…?  Second clue, is a pink groovy cat, 16 x 20 foot giant painting by Katherine Bernhardt.

Did you guess right?  Pink Panther it is!  Positively pink, with Caribbean tropical vibes…i LOVE.

Hanging next to it, is this Keith Haring masterpiece.

Across from that is Jean - Michel Basquiat.

On the opposite wall is an artist I'm not familiar with, Nina Chanel Abney.  But I've started following her, because I love her abstraction, color palette, tribal influences and representation of race, sex, politics and linear storytelling.

Then outside in the polo fields you have a sculpture by Urs Fischer.  It is known as the Big Clay.  Artist was inspired by a form he moulded out of clay.  He blew it up to scale in aluminum, and when you look closely the sculpture includes his fingerprints enlarged.  Unique.

Ok, you get the picture…so many amazing works by the icons that influenced Manhattans pop culture scene in the 80's.  Plenty more, beyond the tasting sample I've shown.  You can find it all under one roof at Brant Foundation.  This exhibition Animal Farm curated by Sadie Laska is on till September 15, 2017.  You city FOMO dwellers need to get some fresh air and hop on the Metro North train to see this!  It is worth the trek to Greenwich, CT.

PS.  Before you go, be sure you know the guided tour times and reserve a spot.  It's free, but not open everyday, and limited to a small number per group.


May 17, 2017

You want soul food?  Then you got to hit the OG - Pink Tea Cup.  They've been around since 1954, serving Southern comfort before it became a hipster fad.  I remember them from my 'younger' days in their West Village location, before they closed in 2009.  Little did I know they had re-opened in Brooklyn in 2013, and now the restaurant and new owner, slash star chef Lawrence Page, is the subject of a new reality show Hustle & Soul.  Thanks to the shows hype I came to hear about their revival and had to make a trip down memory lane for Mother's Day.

Looks worth it?  Hell yeah!  Better then your Momma's greens.  But still, the winner by far is the signature dish that claims the restaurants logo.  When there, remember your there for the chicken n' waffles y'all!  Order it.  The crispy moist chicken, and airy waffles are the bomb.  Don't forget to bring the dough.  Cash only.

Pink Tea Cup
120 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
T: 347. 227.7472

I SPY: Peep My Toes

May 16, 2017

Is Spring over?  The weather forecast says it's going to be in the high 80's in NYC this whole week.  Woo Hoo…peep my toes!

Like?  $24.99 from Target!  If these sandals look familiar, they are semi Chloe knock offs.  The designer pair is $268.  Yes, Chloe's are higher quality, made from leather with a espadrille sole.  But for a fun, novelty shoe, that I don't see being timeless, and just worn for the season, or even just worn once... I think you should snag your pair of Targets - Mossimo gladiators, QUICK.  Steal of the day!  Save your money to splurge on something else.

I SPY: Young Love

May 15, 2017

How was your Mother's Day?  I got no complaints.  Ate too much, spent too much, and betted too much!  But all worth an awesome time at the Yankees vs. Astros baseball game + Derek Jeter retirement ceremony.

My birth town whipped my home towns ass last night, but Derek Jeter's retirement jersey ceremony was worth everything.  Too see him on the field again, surrounded by a sea of #2 jerseys in the crowd, and to watch the replay of his history made me emo.  Brought back so many great memories.

Fun fact:  20 years ago I moved to NYC, caught him on TV, asked who he was, and only then started watching baseball!  Was so obsessed with him I even slept in his pink jersey for years.  Young love!  HA.

My pink jersey ripped when I was pregnant, he has hung up his jersey…but I just bought a new #2 T-shirt to sleep in!  The love continues!!  If your also a fan, get your Jeter jersey or paraphernalia here before they're long gone.  RE2PECT, thank you Captain!

I SPY: Hit Or Miss

May 12, 2017

Is anything in this medicine cabinet uber special?  Super hero drugs that turn you into a unicorn, or something too hipster for me to understand?  Please enlighten me.  If not I was standing at the art fair, shaking my head, not understanding the concept behind this!

Is this art?  Saw it on display at Frieze art fair by Damien Hirst.  These are his thoughts behind the project, portraying art heals, i.e. drugs that have healing powers are stored in medicine cabinets, which then makes it art.  In that case my fridge is art too!  HA.

There were quite a few hit or miss pieces at the fair, including this one by Lee Ufan.  A scratch on a blank canvas.  What is there to admire here?  Could she elaborate any more?!!

Fine line between what is and isn't art these days.  Even my kids could of done better!  But then there were also super simple pieces of typography I liked that had catchy text, such as these marker on canvas by Karl Holmqvist.  But again...is this worth thousands of dollars?

I know my kids can do this!  My older son made something very similar for me back in 2015.  Which got me thinking that I should put my kids back to work again this Mother's Day to make me so called 'art'!  Save me a couple K, why not?!! Coming from the kids will be priceless though.  It's my babies art, that will speak to me with meaning on a different level, in a language I may only understand.  That is after all what art is right?  

Got the canvases and paint brushes ready for our forecasted rained out Mother's Day!  How about you?  What will you be up to this weekend?  Hug a Mom she'll like it!  Have a blessed and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY everyone!

I SPY: Posh Spice

May 11, 2017

What can you do on an hour lunch break?  Tour The Beekman.  A gorgeous new-ish downtown hotel, that opened last summer 2016.  A restored historical landmark filled with classical and contemporary details.  Had me crushing so hard I had to drag my team mate back there after we clocked out, for happy hour!

Well don't make it obvious that your snooping!  Play it cool like your there for a cup of coffee and maybe a small bite, then wander off to the ladies room and get lost in this architectural digest haven.

I can't remember the last time I've been so excited over a hotel!  HA.  It's preserved historic roots, and details from vintage tile, mill work, down to rich persian carpeting left me mesmerized.  Stepping inside will transport you into a world of art and culture, beginning with the stunning nine story atrium that takes your breath away.   Look at that!

It's a beauty with a beast price tag, but worth it for date night, a special occasion, or just because your feeling like Posh Spice!  If your an art and design lover, with expensive taste, you need to see this!  It's a real gem.

I SPY: A Love Triangle

May 10, 2017

Are you a fan of Roberta's?  I got to agree with many New Yorkers that this is my favorite love triangle!  Originally from Bushwick, Brooklyn they're famous for their artisanal wood fired pizzas.  But now you can find them serving at many pop up events and food halls in the city.  It's been a while since our last date…so we were extremely happy to see them this weekend cooking at Frieze.

Five pies for 1 adult and 2 kids?  Yup!  One of everything off the menu please!  Their pies are small, but I'll be honest it was a lot.  But still that didn't stop us - we conquered it!  What you see is their classics: Margherita, Bee Sting, Famous O.G., White Wizard, and their new seasonal baby The Salty Dog.

Yummmmm!  So good y'all!  The green tomatoes give it an extra tang.  Get into one of their locations and try it.  Or for you out of state folks, order from Goldbely.  Go for it, make it a cheat day!
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