I SPY: Trip Around The World

Apr 5, 2017

How does a trip around the world sound?  Expensive, and when do I have the time?  HA.  But not at Gulliver's Gate.  For $25 and sixty minutes to spare you can take a spin around the globe.  It's a small world after all!

Heard about this new place opening in Times Square on April 6, 2017?  A collection of mini models built on a 1:87 scale of different landmarks around the world.  How many can you identify?  Educational for all ages; made to be interactive, and impressive workmanship.  Here's a hint where we're off to for Spring break!

Yes, two separate trips on opposite poles!  Follow us on Instagram @ispycandyblog, or wait for the surprise in two weeks when we return.  It's going to be EPIC.  Well at least the first part for me; and the second part for the kids!

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