I SPY: Rainbow Drinks

Apr 25, 2017

Did you try the Starbucks Unicorn Frapuccino?  I saw so many people walking around with that rainbow drink in hand.  59 grams of sugar on the go!  I didn't dare try it.  All that color and whip cream turned me off.  I'm glad it was only a five day trial and they've now taken it off the menu.  But Burger King has one similar in idea, not as pretty, but double in sugar…which I only found out after.  UGH!

A Froot Loops Shake!  If you look closely there's little pieces of Froot Loops cereal mixed in.  It was nasty!  Overly sweet.  Even my sugar junkie kids thought so, thank God!  None of us could get pass a few sips.  Again…just like those over the top decorated milkshakes parading our feeds, this is just another social media scam.  Well we fell for it!  DUH.  Forget the novelty.  It is definitely not worth a whooping 720 calories!  Summer is coming.  Remember that!

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