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Apr 21, 2017


Can you live without WI-FI?  We were tested at Kamalame Cay, our last Spring break stop in the Bahamas.  We were there for three days with no WI-FI on the property, except in the main office.  In the mornings it was a comical sight to see everyone on their phones cramped into a small space to connect to the outside world!  Being off the grid during the day wasn't difficult, especially when we were busy with activity.  The struggle was at night, in our cottage that also had no TV!  First world problems.  HA.  But the benefits to getting off the grid was family time well spent, playing a lot of UNO, board games, having time to read, forcing us to soak in our surroundings and truly relax.

This resort is set on a 96 acre private island, with a 3 mile beach and only allows maximum capacity up to 70 guests.  It is a 15 minute airplane ride from Nassau to Andros Island (Fresh Creek), and then a 20 minute car ride to the dock to catch a 3 minute ferry that crosses you over to the island of Kamalame Cay.  It's a bit of a trek, but once on the island there is no need to leave.  The island of Andros was dead, and the only reason why we went back to mainland during our stay was for this, which I do recommend.


The island of Andros is famous for over 220 blue holes.  They are freshwater, inland, almost perfectly circular holes with steep limestone sides.  This one is 450 feet wide, and 160 feet deep.  There are no cave passages leading from the bowl shaped holes, which causes a mystery how exactly they were formed.  It was a great swimming spot, and an awesome place to jump off a 10mt high platform.  My boys loved the thrill!

Back on the private island of Kamalame Cay, kayaks, paddle boards, and fishing rods are complimentary to use on the island.  Otherwise they have an activity list of fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving excursions you can arrange.

Each cottage is also provided with their own golf cart, and bicycles.  However, they do not have toddler bikes, or bikes with a child seat to snap in your toddler.


- Chilled atmosphere, and low key, where you weren't expected to dress up to the nines for dinner.
- Each cottages privacy was great, and having our own slice of the beach outside of our cottage felt like we were the only ones there.
- Complimentary breakfast basket filled with croissants, fruit and yoghurt was nice to wake up to and feed the kids a little something so you didn't have to rush to get them to breakfast at the restaurant.
- Complimentary freshly baked cookies were delivered to your cottage daily around 4pm.
- Over water spa, with glass floor looking into ocean.
- Child friendly resort.
- For Easter they set up a BBQ lunch on the beach and an Easter egg hunt for the kids.


- Lunch menu was the same everyday.  Got boring!  Dinner specials at least changed slightly.
- Food service was slow.  Dinner was painful for the kids.  Over an hour waiting for our food on our first night.  The following nights we had to play UNO at the table to occupy the kids so they wouldn't be missing their food!
- No room service.
- My massage therapist was not the best.
- Overall the staff seemed unorganized, and I just got a lot of shrugged shoulders and blank looks when a problem arose.  However, Leia the main concierge was lovely, and on the ball.

Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler have awarded Kamalame Cay with high ratings.  However, I can't agree.  For such a hyper exclusive property and for the price, I can compare it to Aman resorts or similar luxury properties I've stayed at in Bali or Phuket, and the service, and amenities are not up to par.  It was not acceptable that I overheard a guest complaining they didn't have hot water for two days!  Nor could I believe that they weren't able to make me a Cappuccino because their machines foamer was broken.  What?  The whole island only had one coffee machine, and there wasn't a spare on stand by?  Am I being a brat?!!  HA.  It's island life, and a very laid back attitude, so you just have to let it slide and not let little things like that ruin your vacation.  Otherwise, the peace after coming from the Atlantis was much appreciated, the cottages were very spacious, and the views were pretty, surrounded by a lot of greenery and water.  But honestly, you can find that at many places.   Sorry not sorry!      

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