I SPY: Dope Art

Apr 26, 2017

Have you seen the new Okuda wall in the Bronx?  The Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel has blessed our city again.  But where is it?  It's on some secret street nobody wishes to reveal!  The Bronx is a big place people!  Where do I start?  If you happen to stumble upon it please fill me in, because I'm a huge fan of this artist.

Now, isn't this a more satisfying type of rainbow to digest then yesterdays sugar coated drinks?  The real cherry on top is the artists grand interiors.  He's known to transform abandoned churches and bring them back to life.  Like, Kaos Temple, a skateboarders haven built inside a hundred year old church.  I tried to visit it when I was there last summer, but it was not even close to Barcelona or Madrid.  It's in Llana, northern Spain, that required a plane ticket and a long drive, so had to can that idea.  BOO.

Photo Credit: Instagram @okudart

However, his latest state of the art project is the Church of Cannibis in Denver, Colorado that just opened last week.  Another beauty that is closer and more accessible to me.

Photo Credit: Instagram @okudart

High or not, aren't these works literally the true meaning of dope art?  I dig the old meet new contrast between classical architecture and urban contemporary art.  I'm really itching to see it in real life.  Anybody want to join me in Denver?!!

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