I SPY: A Bipolar Break

Apr 18, 2017

Home is where the heart is, but I always have a case of post paradise syndrome after vacation…do you?  After four days in freezing temps, I thought I would be so ready to leave Part I of our vacation, because I never thought a cold place could be considered paradise.  But Iceland proved me wrong!  It was an amazing, picturesque adventure, that had us in awe.  We could've stayed A  LOT longer.

Part II of our Spring break was spent in the Caribbean sun in the Bahamas.  No surprise though that we would enjoy ourselves at the beach!  After a long winter you can never go wrong with a warm destination, can you?

What is your kind of paradise?  I've discovered paradise isn't a place perse.  It's a feeling.  It was a bipolar break for us, total opposite weathers, but I felt equally at peace and happy in both worlds.  Conclusion - whatever makes you happy and relaxed is your paradise.  It's personal!  More details of our two trips to come.

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