I SPY: What Diet?

Mar 6, 2017

You remember we're doing no meat for Lent?  Five days into it, and I'm still going strong but have allowed the kids to eat white meat (chicken & turkey) for protein.  But hmmm…what I thought would be a great diet is not really going that way for me!

What diet?  Going pescatarian still allows you to eat a bunch of sugar, carbs, and butter.  Sooo…after yesterdays pancake brunch at Lafayette, and too many french fries later I'm scrapping the hopes for the scale to budge.  Let's be real here!  HA.

But the good thing is that this diet doesn't really feel like it's cramping my lifestyle.  Not yet anyways!  We can still dine at our old spots, and enjoy good food off a regular menu without eating a cow and feeling like a pig walking out.  So maybe this is a good thing in changing bad habits.  But the sugar and carbs though…how do I stop that?  That's the ultimate killer!

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