I SPY: A Tribe Called Sweat

Mar 7, 2017

Yoga - You either hate it or love it?  I need to be in the mood for it.  When your use to doing cardio and everything fast paced it's hard to slow things down.  But you need that balance.  Or at least I need that balance in my life to remember to breathe.  It's a mental practice I've been focusing on lately and I've been reaping the benefits this winter.

My new squad - Y7 - A tribe called sweat.  It's Vinyasa yoga in a Bikram environment.  A candle lit heated room, with hip hop music.  Yes, A$AP yogi style!

The beat bumping tunes keeps things not so sleepy, and helps you stay in flow.  It is such a great detoxifying workout, and even though I look like death warmed up after class my body feels awesome.  Try it if you need a boost in your routine.  Put on that gangsta rap and handle it!  The burn feels good.

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