I SPY: The Robe Game

Mar 9, 2017

It's almost Spring, are you ready to update your closet?  I am, and started Spring cleaning early.  I've been purging like crazy lately, and it feels so good to shed some light in my closet.  Hey, I can actually see the back of my closet now!  HA.

Last year it was all about the bomber jacket...I had to down size my collection during the purge!  This year it's going to be all about the robe.  Not your terry cloth bath robe.  But imagine something silky, printed, embroidered, Hugh Hefner - ish?  I got my first!

Like?  It's from Aritzia.  I love that it is kimono inspired, and doesn't look like I woke up in this.  You can funk it up with jeans, or dress it up for night over a dress, and it makes the perfect light weight Spring cover up.  I'm feeling the robe game is strong.  Try it!  Get out with the old and in with the new.

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