I SPY: Red Carpet

Mar 2, 2017

Who won your vote for best dressed at the Oscars 2017?  There were plenty who looked lovely on the red carpet, but not one that really struck me in that aha I must have that gown moment.  I am hard to please!  However, I did see a few times in the background some Caucasian lady wearing what looked like a blush pink sari that kept stirring my interest.  But the damn cameras never zoomed in on her!  Do you know who I'm talking about?  I've spent the past few days trolling through the web to find out who this chick was because I can't get it out of my mind.  No luck!  But Dev Patel's mom Anita kept popping up in her red carpet worthy sari.

She looked chic right?  I love sari's.  The draping, fluidity, embellishment, textiles and asymmetry feels glamourous to me.  Resembles 1940's grecian, draped, one shoulder fashion.  No big pouffy skirts, plunging necklines, body hugging I can't breathe kind of silhouette, but still sexy I think.  Where am I going with this?  After the Oscars I'm now obsessed in finding a sari and totally regret not buying one when I was in India.  Ugh…that would've been the perfect place to find the right one!

But I need one!  Wedding season is coming up, and I've decided I'm going to wear a sari.  Something different from the norm, because I ain't normal!  I found inspiration on Vogue India's page in my research of sari designs with a modern twist.  Any of these would work just fine!

Now the question is where do I buy a sari in New York?  No clue!  But I'm sure there are places, and maybe just a good super long shawl to drape over an existing dress I already own may be sufficient to give the modern sari look?  I'll show you when I figure it out.  My creativity juices are flowing!  Wedding season is so much more fun when your not the bride!  HA.

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