I SPY: Happy Snow Day

Mar 14, 2017

When the weather man drops keywords like 'blizzard', 'winter storm', 'crippling wind gusts', etc., do you panic?  Of course I do.  I stress about stress before there's even stress to stress about!  You may find wrong in that, but I call it pre - planning!  I'm a Mom and that's what I do; along with the rest of the town fighting for a parking spot at the supermarket, fighting for a shopping cart, and fighting for the last milk, bread, water, and salt…not table salt by the way!  Oh the joys of home ownership!  But done and conquered.  That was my headache yesterday, and today we're well equipped to celebrate the expected 18 inches of snow NYC is suppose to get dumped with.

You thought I was kidding when I said 'celebrate'?  Oh please…any reason to eat cake!  Red Velvet cake = Breakfast of Champions!  HA.  Happy snow day my fellow New Yorkers.  Lets get this party started!

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