I SPY: Graffiti Mansion

Mar 13, 2017

You know how my lil' guy wants to be POTUS one day?  Well friends have joked that we're going to have graffiti walls in the White House because we have this thing with walls.  I don't take offense to that.  I think it would actually be very cool.  But someone beat us to the idea!

Who, what and where is this?  In the suburbs in Glen Cove, Long Island there is a 9000 sq ft historic house filled with graffiti.  Walls, stair case, ceiling, floors…everything!  Referred to by some as the graffiti mansion, it showcases a collaboration of over 125 street art artists from around the world.  Kudos to First City Project.

Unfortunately they're not open to the public on a walk in basis.  But I've been told there's going to be events next month.   I can't wait.  I'm dying to get inside!  Are you?  If so, follow @martinoautoconcepts on Instagram for updates.

Till then, if you happen to be out in Long Island and curiosity kills the cat like me, then pull up to 149 Glen Street, Glen Cove, NY.  You can walk around outside and peek through the windows to get a taste.  Uhm yes, I was stalking!  HA.

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