I SPY: Cloud 9

Mar 3, 2017

Do you love a good roof top?  Us New Yorkers dig anything rooftop, and if it's outdoors and there's a view, your in for a treat!  That's why a long wait to get up to the top of the Burj Khalifa was necessary when in Dubai.

See it?  Hard to miss that spectacular 163 floor building anywhere in Dubai!  It is an iconic statement piece that can be seen 60 miles away, and the view from the top any time of day ain't shabby either.

The Burj Khalifa houses hotels, residences, restaurants, bars and yoga.  I had the chance to experience all the perks of the building, except the yoga classes were sold out.  BUMMED.  How cool though would that of been to do yoga at the top of the worlds tallest building?

Well I've found a compromise.  I found out there is sky yoga in NYC at the Freedom Tower.  NYC's tallest building!  PSYCHED.  Not as tall as the Burj Khalifa.  But still, at 102 floors I'll be on a cloud 9 high don't cha think?  Get in on the rooftop vibes and sign up here for your March mat best Ohm experience in NYC.

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