I SPY: Chi - Town Shenanigans

Mar 20, 2017

When your down town and the kids want to shoot hoops, but the outdoor courts are all piled up with snow…where do you go?  HERE for some Chi - Town Shenanigans.  Discovered during nasty gal Stella (yes they were open!), and demanded a revisit again this past weekend!

Not because of the photo booth.  That's Mama's fun!  HA.  I'm not on Snapchat so this is my Hello Kitty cheese time.  But I'm also addicted to playing Space Invaders.  Child at heart, what can I say!

Brings back memories from your childhood?  The nostalgia is refreshing, and the boys enjoy the competition too.  Obviously they also love the basketball, skee ball, air hockey and other arcade usuals.

Slightly seedy which adds to the old school vibe.  But you know graffiti walls don't bother me!  Rather be here then in touristy Times Square at Dave & Busters.  A down town treat when you need to blow some pent-up energy in kids, and conveniently located next door to 10 Below for a post ice cream bribe to get them to leave the arcade! *wink*.  Remember it for your next rescue with kids when down near Chinatown in NYC.

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