I SPY: Big Hearts

Mar 29, 2017

Have you seen these yard signs planted in your neighborhood?  When I was in Washington, D.C. I saw streets filled with these signs in everyones front yard, or gracing their doorsteps.  It was a powerful message made, and heart warming to see the unity within the neighbors.

Would you like one too?  I along with many others whom messaged me yesterday after my Instagram post were curious where we could get this sign.  Initially I thought the Georgetown neighborhood had these signs custom made.  But after some research I discovered they are for sale! 

I found out a group of four ladies, three whom are Mom's, initiated this non-profit project.  Their story is inspiring.  The movement has now spread across the nation, but I have yet to see it hit New York lawns.  Well, at least not in my neighborhood.  So I'm going to start it!  The goal is to engage curiosity and have our block lined with signs as I saw in Washington, D.C.  Hopefully other neighbors will catch on when they see ours, welcome our big hearts, copy us, and together we can spread a message, a reminder, and food for thought. 

In these current times, with so much hate advertised, it is critical that we start teaching our children differently.  For starts, we can begin by engraining the message of equality and kindness in their heads for a better future.  Lets stand together to fight discrimination.  Spread the love.  Join the movement.  Make a difference, and purchase your yard or window sign for sale today. 

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  1. This sign is from www.spreadlove2017.com, 100% profits donated to 9 nonprofits. Find more about the Spread Love movement on Facebook page Spread Love 2017.


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