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Feb 7, 2017

Time to get healthy?  Just for a week!  Super Bowl weekend is showing after effects and I need to nip it in the butt.  FAST.

You know stadium food ain't healthy?  Duh!  But that pork belly burnt ends sandwich from Killen's BBQ stand was so worth the cheat.  I will spare what else we brought to our seat!  But we were at the Super Bowl for over five hours y'all.  So you know that pork belly sandwich was just an appetizer!  HA.

My kids were stuffed silly and the next day asked to eat something healthy and no more fried junk food at the airport coming home!  so they together with me are going on a fish, veggie and bone broth diet for the next week.

You've heard about the benefits of bone broth?  It's rich in minerals, that boosts your immune system, lines your gut, has healing properties, and makes a great post exercise drink.  So many nutrients packed into a cup that tastes great, and smells great too.  Extra bonus…Barneys Bone Broth has add - ins like meatballs, and duck eggs.  Otherwise your bone broth gets served in a take out coffee cup with lid!

It is fairly easy to make a big pot for yourself at home.  It just takes a really long time to simmer for hours.  Us New Yorkers don't have time, or are just plainly lazy!  So we stock up on Barneys Bone Broth.  Only in New York do we have bone broth take out windows!  That's why I love this freaking city!!!  Reaping the benefits.

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