I SPY: An Overkill

Feb 1, 2017

What the heck is going on in here?  That was exactly my face when I walked in!  Eyebrows raised, nose turned up and all.  HA.  It was an overkill of many things happening in 'The Garden', an installation built by Portia Munson.  On now at P.P.O.W gallery till February 11, 2017.

Beyond the tackiness can you focus?  Try.  Once you get over the overly cluttered space, that feels suffocating, you can begin to dissect and look at the details.  I spy a definite bunny obsession and flower power theme going on in the bedroom.  What else can you spy?  Plastic babies, a cool canopy of floral dresses made into a quilt, and this hanger.  I like!

The space resembles a Hawaiian bedroom, slash flea market, slash funeral parlor!  It was must missing the plastic covered couch!!  The many little things are meant to express feminism, sexuality and the contrast between manmade and nature.  And it's suppose to make you feel uncomfortable!  The artist wants you to 'embrace the tension'.  Well...mission accomplished.  It worked!

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