I SPY: Insta Happy

Feb 16, 2017

Is it a birthday tradition in your house to awake to a breakfast surprise on your special day?  It is in ours, and if I ever fail to remember one year I'm going to be in BIG trouble!  He will never let it happen though…because this party doll reminds me the night before at bed time that I need to get busy decorating with balloons and setting up the table and his gifts before sunrise!!  BRAT.

Anybody's birthday soon?  I've got Fall babies, but somebody's must be coming up soon though?  When that special day comes you need to remember these for their birthday breakfast.

Start their day right with these birthday cake cream filled croissants from Union Fare.  Wouldn't that make you insta happy to find that colorful confetti surprise in your croissant?

To add to the rainbow try the other flavors too - fruity pebbles and red velvet.  They're all scrumptious.  But obviously their red velvet is a big hit standing there by it's lonesome self waiting especially for me!  HA.  Got to try.  They give croissants a whole new meaning!

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