I SPY: Houston Chronicles

Feb 8, 2017

When you travel what must you do?  Eating for sure, and I'm always on the look out for street art too because I have this thing with walls.  Obsessed!  Here's the new highlights from my Houston chronicles that I discovered this trip back.

Haute Dimensions - 6521 N. Main Street, Houston, TX

Kung Fu Saloon - 5317 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX

Old Post Office - 1050 Yale Street, Houston , TX
How coincidental I'm matching the polka dot wall?  Totally!  As were the other random drive by wall finds.  Simple surprises in life that I had to take a snap of, even though my boys eyes were rolling backwards every time I pulled over!  Sorry not sorry kids.

Laredo Taqueria - 915 Snover Street, Houston, TX

However the boys did approve of this new taco joint I found.  Laredo Taqueria.  It is where the real locals go for the good grub.  It shows, with the line out the door at their Snover Street location, even though it's nothing pretty inside, and servings are sloppy.  But the taste of the meat and tortillas was something else.  Super YUM, and super cheap.  We are officially Texas Mexicans after eating there!

Us three amigos had a whirlwind weekend with so much excitement revolved around Super Bowl LI.  We fitted in my food and wall fix, enjoyed the pre game NFL experiences, two of us left happy with the Pats win, and I'm relieved our first trip carrying our lives on board with us, not checking in bags, and all of us sitting seperately on the plane was a success.  We now know what it's like to fly the Spirit way!  HA.  The kids survived just fine, and I got a break...three hours of peace and quiet plus a nap!  YAY.  

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