I SPY: Fur Babies

Feb 15, 2017

Do you own a pair of Ugg - lies?  Guilty…I have more then one!  They are not the prettiest, but they are super cozy, and when it's cold all fashion is out the window.  I do have my priorities straight sometimes!  For you practical ones that's how the Ugg's trend started and has remained strong in and out of the house.  But I've found you an update for at home…check out my new fur babies!

How fur - mazing are these?  They are super soft alpaca house slippers from Peru.  You animal rights activist, please don't go crazy on me!  Alpacas are protected animals by law in Peru.  No animals were killed in this process.  Alpacas roam freely in their native land and only when they die naturally is their fur turned into alternative uses.  Hence the luxe price tag usually attached to anything alpaca.  But these fur babies are $175, not outrageously priced, right?

Grab yours now at Cote A Coast before prices go up!  While your at it, check out all the other drool worthy table top and home accessories this concept store offers from Colombia, Indonesia, Morocco and other ethnic tribes.  A fab place to pick up unique gifts for you and your loved ones, because you will be shocked by how affordable everything is!  REALLY.  A beautiful curated boutique, much like how I envision my home to look like one day when my kids grow up! Modern, clean palette, with accents from around the world.

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