I SPY: Butter Fingers

Feb 9, 2017

Tight?  Not your budget, your muscles?  As I catch up in age I feel my recovery from working out takes longer, and my body needs more then a five minute post workout stretch.  I need a damn massage!

Have you had a Thai massage before?  It's not the typical oiled up Swedish massage your probably use to.  Your fully clothed in comfortable gear.  No oil used.  The therapist uses their body, hands, feet and strength to knead you, step on you, and stretch your body to ease you into yoga positions you never knew you were flexible enough to perform.

Pilai is my go to girl!  She has butter fingers, and knows the magic touch.  When you leave her no frills room located in Times Square, you will feel knot free, and lengthened.  Must try, because she gets the job done.  Not in NYC?  Google Thai massage in your area and give it a go.  Your body will thank you!

T: (347) 806.4896

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