I SPY: Black Excellence

Feb 10, 2017

Every month is a time for awareness, and do you know what month this is?  Black History month.  Time to get educated y'all and get the facts, know them and share them.  Especially necessary in these heightened times of division when we must remember to stay woke, and put an end to racism.

So many movies in theaters right now supporting Black excellence, history in a positive light, and these are Oscar nominated - Fences, Hidden Figures, I Am Not Your Negro and Moonlight.  Seen any?  Saw Moonlight a while back.  Excellent.  Yesterday was a snow day, and I took the kids to see Hidden Figures.  It was great in more then one way - movie was up lifting, entertaining, kept the kids quiet, and educated them.  Hoping to see Fences this weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Enjoy!

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