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Jan 9, 2017

Did you get snowed in over the weekend?  We got a few inches in NYC on Saturday.  Not that bad, but cold!  The driest place to be was indoors or underground, so we took a joy ride on our new subway line in NYC.

Have you been on the Second Avenue Subway yet?  Just opened on new years day.  It's an extension of the Q train, but only three stops that run along Second Avenue - 72 st, 86 st, 96 st.  Plans are to make it up to 125th Street, but that's going to take forever.  As is, these three stops took 100 years!

What's cool besides it being brand spanking new and clean is the mosaic tile art you will find along the walls of the station.  Here are some of my favorites.

72nd Street:

'Perfect Strangers' art by Vik Muniz.  It showcases over three dozen life sized figures.  All different walks of lives you could find yourself standing next to waiting for a train.

86th Street:

'Subway Portraits' art by Chuck Close.  The detail in his work is amazing and so realistic.  Look at that beard!  It looks 3D.

96th Street:

'Blueprint for a Landscape' art by Sarah Sze.  My least favorite of all three stations walls.  But still on a large scale and impressive as you enter the station.

It was fun, like walking through a museum!  Worth a walk through.  I heard the connecting 63rd Street and Lexington Avenue Q train station also has some interesting works.  Didn't make it that far though.  Next time.  If you fancy seeing this in person, go soon before it gets grimy down there.  You know that will happen in a NY minute!

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