I SPY: Yum Yum, Dim Sum

Jan 10, 2017

Best fast food?  Dim Sum.  The Chinese have nailed it with their dumplings on wheels.  It's not junk, pretty healthy if you go the steamed route, yummy, filling, and keeps the kids whining at bay.  If you go to a restaurant that has the carts, then no ordering is required, and as soon as you sit down your table can be filled with baskets of food in a few minutes.  Faster then McDonalds kids!

So guess what we did last Saturday?  Waited in line with all elements in tow; dog, kids, and snow to try the new Hong Kong based, Michelin star rated, Tim Ho Wan restaurant, that just opened down near Astor Place.   Our usual yum yum, dim sum experience was a longer wait then usual.  Half hour wait before their 10am opening, which really isn't that bad, since I've seen reviews claiming two to four hour waits.  Crazy!  The snow was our blessing to the shorter wait.  Keep that in mind if you want to go.

Sat down and basically ordered one of everything on the menu!  There are no carts, but service moves quickly.  It was fresh, dumpling skins were very delicate, not oily, and their BBQ pork buns were unique.  They're baked, not steamed, and have a crusty layer.  So good…a MUST try.

While I would like to go back, there is no way I can wait in line with kids for a couple of hours under normal circumstances.  So it's not happening anytime soon, until the hype dies.  Even though it is Michelin star rated I can't say it's that much better then the other dim sum places we are regulars at.  However, it is the cheapest Michelin star rated restaurant in NYC.  Correction: THE WORLD!

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