I SPY: Starless Dreams

Jan 25, 2017

Do you like foreign films?  I love the authencity!  Something about listening to a foreign language is like music to my ears.  I know for many reading subtitles drives them crazy.  But I'm accustomed to reading many subtitles from back in my Singapore days, where I grew up.

I recently saw this film in Persian at the Museum of the Moving Image. Starless Dreams is a documentary about teenage girls incarcerated in a prison in Tehran, Iran.  It took the director Mehrdad Oskouei seven years to gain access to this facility!  Absolutely worthwhile the wait.

After watching this film I have even more of an urge to visit Iran!  It didn't enhance the country's beautiful architecture, mosques and jewelry of what I've been pouring over on Instagram.  But it did portray insight into the culture, and the social and humanity struggle girls endure in a sexist country.  Moving and sad to see how some felt safer behind bars then to be put back on the streets.

But it was also heart warming to see the characters didn't fit the violent mob stereo type our mass media in the USA has portrayed.  These girls were warm, sweet natured kids.  They could of been any of my sons friends in his school, who act just like any other typical teenager, talking about boys, eating pizza, acting goofy, and playing truth and dare.  HUMANS that just want to be loved and understood.

In a time of division we're experiencing in America I feel it is important to learn about others cultures, and stop judging a book by its cover.  Only when we're open can we have a better understanding of the other persons views, and be less judgmental and more compassionate.  This film is a start in broadening your horizons.  Starless Dreams is only playing till January 29, 2017.  A great way to travel without leaving your backyard.  Stay awoke.  

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