I SPY: Run Forrest Run

Jan 6, 2017

Have a new year resolution?  Nope, I didn't make any this year to avoid failing!  But I did decide before the end of 2016 to switch up my workout regime.  I've been doing SoulCycle and SLT for years now and learned to cheat and pace myself through class.  Oops...Not getting my moneys worth anymore!  So I've started Barry's Bootcamp.

Been there, done that?  I'm dying!  The running cardio part is killing me.  I'm not a runner, never have been and nor do I ever plan on running a marathon.  So I'm not going to kid myself.  Luckily at Barry's Bootcamp it is short intervals.  But still a minute of running feels like a mile.  It's mainly mental, and if I can overcome this it would be an amazing challenge for me.  So that's my 2017 goals.  Run Forrest, run!  What are your workout goals?

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