I SPY: No Man's Land

Jan 30, 2017

See this face?  Granddaughter of immigrants!  My Grandfather served time in the US army, we've built businesses, contributed to the economy, paid our taxes, not living on welfare, and remain criminal free. So many of us have the same story.  We are Americans living in a country founded by immigrants.

What would America be without immigrants?  We immigrants are what makes America great!  As you can see I'm not buying Trumps immigration ban bullish*t that went down over the weekend.  No, the current immigration ban would not affect my families ancestry.  But who knows what the future holds, and it could eventually since Indonesia is an Islamic country.  Either way, I see it the way as Martin Luther King once said.

Lets get real…seven countries banned.  Not even where the main terrorist attackers have been from!  So to say that this ban is a safety net to protect our country is ridicule.  Terrorist are creative enough to find their way in through other means if they really want to get in.  So this looks to me as an act of racism on Muslims, and why?  What have they done?  They've done nothing.  This meme says it all.

Do you have Muslim friends?  Have you been in an Islamic country?  Muslims practice peace and preach good teachings just as Christianity does.  They do not support the radical ISIS terrorist, and even Islamic countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia have been attacked by terrorist, so it's not just western countries affected.

We must learn to differentiate terrorists separately from the Muslim faith.  Because of one's chosen faith, we can't leave people stranded at airports, detained, take their green cards away, and not accept their visas leaving these harmless people in sudden no man's land.  They're human!  It's extreme, unethical, and not who we are.  America is known as the melting pot.  Remember this is who we are. Diversified.

Donald J. Trump - A week in power and everyday it's like oops he did it again!  It makes me so uneasy.  Not proud to be an American right now.  And my plans to travel to Iran this year…guess that idea has to be canned for a while.  We are not welcomed there now.  SAD situation we're in, that brings more devastation rather then world peace.

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