I SPY: The Night Before

Jan 5, 2017

Are your kids happy with what they got for Christmas?  My lil' guy is still waiting for his Hatchimals.  BRAT.  Remember before Christmas I told you in a post the going price was $200+?  Well Santa was too cheap to pay that amount, and the night before Christmas she did leave a backorder note for him, in her lousy cursive handwriting to disguise who Santa really is!

Did he fall for it?  Hell yeah!  But he has also not forgotten about it and asked me last night before bed why Santa still hasn't delivered his Hatchimals.  He asked me to check with my family in Texas to see if they received it, because maybe Santa was confused and didn't know he already returned to New York.  Awwww!

Poor kid has over thought it!  You know what I did immediately after I tucked him in bed?  Yup, I went online and ordered it.  Sucker!  But check it out, Toys R Us is now selling them for $79.99 and including free shipping.  Prices have been slashed more then half.  YIPEE.  As expected.  I must admit I'm excited too to see what the hype is all about.  Now lets pray this interactive toy doesn't die on us in a week!  HA.

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