I SPY: Girl Power

Jan 26, 2017

Too many iconic people died in 2016 don't you think?  Now we're starting 2017 on a bad note, by loosing Mary Tyler Moore yesterday.  RIP.  I am too young to remember her from her hey day.  But I do remember that smile and my Mom and Grandmother laughing along to re-runs.  Last night I did the same.

Did you know that Mary Tyler Moore was the first woman to wear pants on TV?  She made capri pants famous, and broke the identity that a woman should only be seen outside in skirts and dresses.  WOW.  I found that out because while watching last night I was digging her fashion.  Turtlenecks, jumpsuits, high waisted pants, ballet flats, pea coats, neck scarves, and her knee high boots, all remains current in todays fashion.  Ahhh I love the 70's!

Not only was she a rebel in fashion, but also her show went outside the norm, representing women in a non conventional way.  She played the single career woman, dating, showing the world that even good girls had sex, and her show included topics on birth control, equal pay, sexism, and homosexuality.

The same feminist issues I was out marching for last Saturday, January 21, 2017 at the Women's March in NY.  I can't believe we're still protesting this sh*t!  Kudos to her.  I have even more respect for Mary Tyler Moore knowing now that she assisted in breaking down the barriers women were expected to abide by in popular culture.  Thank you Ms. Moore for everything you have contributed to women's lib.  We must continue the fight.  Girl power!

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