I SPY: Generation VR

Jan 17, 2017

Ok New York Mom and Dad's, need something cool to do with your kids?  Step into the future and experience a new world at Jump Into The Light.  The pinnacle of virtual reality is at your fingertips inside this play lab.  Even though you may think it's for the kids, there were mainly adults in there living the virtual reality high.  I included was one of those big kids engrossed in technology, swinging my arms in the air, not caring how foolish I looked!  HA.

Have you played with this VR equipment before?  Don't trash the hype until you've tried it.  You will be tripping…guaranteed!  It's that amazing.

The 360 virtual reality films is the most basic to start with.  But that already will blow your mind with the graphics.

Then the Oculus equipment ups your experience allowing you to build blocks and manipulate what you see.

Lastly, the back room has the ultimate VR experience.  A vast variety of games you can interact with from painting, to carnival games, to fighting zombies, to beating up a Trump piñata, etc. will have you forgetting which planet you are on!

My boys had a work out and left sweaty!  Definitely their new favorite hang out.  But for anything fun, comes a price, and it ain't cheap play - $45.  However, use code: IG10 to get $10 off your first time.  It's worth it for all ages, and if you plan to go on a weekend I would advise you buy tickets in advance.  Enjoy…this new generation VR technology will change your life!  

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