I SPY: Freezer Goals

Jan 23, 2017

Are you also having a hard time kicking the sweets to the curb?  I'm having post holiday sugar cravings, and in my attempt to namaste away from cookie and cupcakes I've started a new weekly delivery subscription…Daily Harvest.

Don't you love time savers?  Well these ready to blend pre measured cups of mixed frozen fruit, veggies, and other super foods to throw in a blender with coconut water are not only satisfying my sugar craves naturally, but also saving me the trip to the grocery store.  THANK YOU.  I hate grocery shopping!

These smoothies come in a variety of organic flavors to choose from.  So far our first batch of different tropical tutti fruitti flavors have all been yummy.  Even the kids love them!  They're so easy to make the kids can pull them out of the freezer and throw it in a blender to mix up a thick smoothie by themselves.  This is a Mommy helper sent from God!

No more pre-fixing bags of super foods for my kids to make juicing in a pinch like I use to.  Just heavy lifting the box of your frozen cups from your front door to your freezer, and stalking up on straws and coconut water.  Does it get simpler then that?  Taking lazy to the next level!  Make these your freezer goals too.

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